Bodrum - Göcek

Day 1. Embarkation in Bodrum harbour around 4 pm with welcome meeting and introduction to the crew, as well as a briefing about the yacht and upcoming itinerary along with sea maps. Guests may visit the Museum of Underwater Archaeology housed in the Castle of Saint Peter, as well as the remains of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  Cruise to a nearby bay for swimming, snorkelling and overnight.

Day 2. Sail to Knidos to explore the ancient ruins remaining from this former Dorian capital and center of medicine and therapy.  Knidos was one of the largest ports in antiquity, with one harbour facing the Aegean sea and the South one opening to Mediterranean.  (Praxiteles, one of the greatest sculptors of the ancient world, caused much outrage with his nude statue of Aphrodite, bringing in even more ships and wealth to this center of the Dorian Hexapolis.)  The harbour has excellent waters for swimming and snorkelling.
Sail down to Ince Burun for lunch, swimming, canoeing and relaxing. In the afternoon the yacht continues to the small port town of Datça. The inland “old Datça” village, a few km from the harbour, is worthy to have a walk along its paved narrow streets, winding their way around old stone houses.  Overnight in Datça or a bay nearby. 

Day 3.  Cruise to Dislici Island or Bencik bay for swimming. Cruise through the stunning bays surrounded by the pine forests to the charming little village of Selimiye. Selimiye is close to Serce, the harbour where so many ships were wrecked while trying to get a shelter from the storms in antiquity. Evening in Selimiye or Dirsek Bükü.

Day 4.  Cruise between the striking islands of Hisaronu on one side and the Anatolian mainland on the other. View the transition in scenery from the pine forests to rocky islands.  Lunch in Loryma (Bozukkale Bay) with an optional walk to visit the magnificent Rhodian shore fort, that used to guard the Loryma harbour, where Demetrius assembled his great fleet in 305 BC before attacking Rhodes island. Evening at Serçe, famous for being a refuge for the boats escaping from severe weather and a home to one of the greatest shipwrecks found in Turkey. Or cruise to the large town of Marmaris with its cosmopolitan atmosphere, where the guests can enjoy nightlife. 

Day 5:  Cruise to Ekincik for not to be missed tour around the ancient Lycian sites, one of the highlights of the Blue Cruise.  Embark a flat bottomed, local riverboat to visit the environmentally protected Dalyan delta wetlands, with their beautiful tall reeds and diverse wildlife.  Continue cruising along the ruins of Caunos, including the extravagant Lycian tombs carved directly into the cliff sides. Indulge yourself with the famous mineral mud baths, reputed to bring a rosy glow to the skin.  On the return, visit the Iztuzu beach, home to the Caretta Caretta loggerhead turtles. Evening in the Ekincik Bay.

Day 6.  Sailing to the Fethiye Gulf, exploring its numerous bays and coves well suited for the resting, swimming, hiking, or fishing.  Follow the soft path behind the cove of Kapi Creek for a quick walk to enjoy the spectacular views over Mediterranean. Overnight in the Sarsala cove or in the Tomb bay.

Day 7: The largest island in the Gulf of Fethiye is the Island of Tersane (Dockyard). A deep channel, 100 wide, provides entry to Tersane. Tersane Island which was formerly called Telandria used to be inhabited in the past by Greeks, but nowadays you can see only the remains of the ruined houses. Cruise to the Bedri Rahmi cove – one of the most important sites of the gulf. Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu  was one of the first discoverers of the Blue Voyage, he painted a fish on a rock behind a fountain in 1973, later this place has been named after him. Cruise to the mysterious Yassica, for swimming and relaxation. Overnight in Göcek harbour or a nearby bay.

Day 8: Breakfast, followed by disembarkation in Göcek by 10:00 am.